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Imagegate was a political scandal that occurred in the Shops Republic in September 2017. It resulted in the demotions of Penstubal and CK from their chat moderator positions, Chill's consolidation of power and major change in the power balance of the Republic.

It started when Penstubal linked an inappropriate picture on Shops channel. He was quickly kicked and shouted at by Chill and demoted and kicked over and over again by CK - both of them took the situation too far. Penstubal refused to say anything about the image anymore which he clearly said was deplorable and that he was also quick to say that it was indeed inappropriate, but Chill and CK's power abuse and pestering made him snap and attack them back.

The two then without reasonable justification banned Penstubal and demoted him, and, having friends around him that also hate Penstubal, was able to do so without being vindicated by anybody else. Everybody on IRC supported the decision solely because of their disdain towards Penstubal. Penstubal then tried to stand up against it, but then CK took insults against Penstubal further than Chill could take it so he demoted CK as well.

CK and Chill, however, made a secret deal, so all was okay between them. They agreed that CK will be given more power regarding IRC and wiki matters and so it happened - CK was not upset at all and was fine with his demotion. Penstubal immediately lodged a complaint to Hat and Yoshi who ignored his complaint after talks with Chill during which Chill spewed propaganda how Penstubal was the one who abused power and that he is a 'rly terrible person'.

Chill then set up a permanent demotion vote for Penstubal. The against side was winning by a landslide till Chill invited people who were not eligible to vote to vote. Penstubal was furious and complained to him about that, and Chill claimed they were perfectly eligible and that Shops is a dictatorship under his rule. He was quick to set up a vote in his userspace voting for him to become a dictator, a vote in which the entire inactive, never-editing community participated in and voted for (there wasn't even an against option).

Penstubal was then couped from power forcibly by Chill without even doing anything and Chill edited history to say that Penstubal has not only abused power once but also abused another time by picking a random date in 2014, 1 month after he was demoted, to prove that Penstubal is a bad person. This angered the Shops and Fanon communities and many users immediately demanded justice for Penstubal only for him to never get justice.

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